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Even the most minuscule amount of water or fire damage can negatively impact the integrity of a building. Water damage can wreak havoc in a matter of minutes following the burst of a pipe, the overflow of a toilet or the malfunctioning of a sprinkler system. Much like water damage, fire damage also extends beyond what is visible. Smoke can penetrate many hidden areas of a building and releasing harmful substances into the air that will come to latch onto furniture, walls and more. If you’re in the Houston area and need a local team of skilled water or fire damage restoration experts, you’re in luck. Houston’s KCS Construction Services has the talent to fix these industrial water damage issues quickly and cost-effectively.

Water or Fire Damage Can Cause Problems in Houston

Water and fire damage can cause widespread ruin within a Houston business. Houston’s KCS Construction Services has the equipment to help with your industrial water damage restoration and fire damage restoration. The team at KCS is qualified in all aspects of civil and structural engineering services that a Houston area property owner may need. Let the water damage restoration professionals at Houston’s KCS address any water damage your property may have incurred. It’s important to contact the right company to clean up a mess caused by water damage quickly and effectively. KCS serves Houston property owners and is equipped to handle any of your water damage restoration needs.

Every Water Damage Situation in Houston Is Different

Every industrial water damage restoration project needed by Houston area property owners is different. Water damage can be caused by a variety of factors, including flooding and plumbing malfunctions, both of which can damage a building’s foundation. The Houston area’s water damage restoration pros at KCS will inspect your commercial building, locate the source of water if it’s still active, and stop the water, so further damage doesn’t result. They will identify any safety concerns with a thorough diagnosis before conducting any water damage restoration work.

Fire Damage Can be Detrimental to Your Houston Commercial Property

Call the fire damage restoration professionals at Houston’s KCS Construction Services. We have the equipment to detect unseen smoke damage and know the specific types of smoke residue that might be present. Soot that includes wet, dry or fuel oil will leave behind a stench that requires different methods of cleaning. There are even cases where it’s better to replace the damage materials instead of cleaning them. For any fire damage restoration in the Houston area, KCS will assess your issue and determine the best course of action. Our full-service fire damage restoration team can handle any type of repair necessary on all kinds of Houston-area structures.

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