Fire & Smoke Damage

Different restoration methods are utilized after your Houston-area business incurs fire damage. Specific measures are taken for fire damage repair depending on the type of harm that occurred. Even small fires can mar the integrity of your building. For those who have recently experienced a fire at their properties, Houston’s KCS Construction Services specializes in fire damage repair. Fire damage cleanup and smoke damage cleanup don’t have to be costly and time-consuming. If you’re a Houston resident, let the pros at KCS provide you with effective fire damage cleanup and smoke damage repair necessities.

Fire Damage Repair and Smoke Damage Repair Specialists Serving Houston

Buildings that have been damaged by fire can be a liability. If you’re in the Houston area and find yourself in need of restoration services, call the fire damage cleanup experts at KCS. Our experts can ensure that the necessary smoke damage repair and smoke damage cleanup methods will also be employed masterfully. The pros at KCS know what to do to restore the integrity of your property. Fire damage cleanup are occasionally coupled with water damage cleanup from firefighting efforts and can thus be quite extensive. Houston’s KCS is a general contracting service that also specializes in fire damage repair, fire damage cleanup, and even smoke damage cleanup. If your Houston business has incurred smoke and or fire damage, call us today.

Smoke Damage Repair Specialists in Houston

Smoke produces small particles of carbon in the air. When these particles are deposited, they become soot or smoke residue. Soot must be thoroughly cleaned to maintain good air quality. Walls, windows, corners, and ceilings are typically the areas that show signs of smoke damage. The smoke damage repair professionals in the Houston area’s KCS Construction Services are committed to you, and to the health and safety of your employees.

Toxic Gases are Present Around Houston Following a Blaze

Carbon monoxide is a toxic gas that can be present in smoke residue in the aftermath of a fire. The reason for this poisonous gas is the result of plastics and other materials burning. These components, along with other toxins, are present in the smoke residue, or soot. After a fire, it’s imperative to call a smoke damage cleanup professional like Houston’s KCS Construction Services. We have the equipment and the skills for smoke damage cleanup and fire damage repair to your Houston business.

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