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Turnkey General Construction

Turnkey General Construction

KCS Construction Services is a Houston general construction company specializing in architecture engineering, design/build and turnkey project management for civil, industrial and commercial clients. Our construction management staff has decades of experience in all areas of engineering and construction. KCS Construction Services has maintained an exceptional safety record and an outstanding reputation for turnkey construction management. We have a proven track record of delivering cost-saving services.

Because of our extensive experience, we also provide Houston paving contractor, foundation contractor, commercial painting, and concrete construction services in the Gulf Coast metro area. Our portfolio includes commercial, industrial and petrochemical construction projects and the diversified job experience of KCS Construction Services gives us the ability to be competitive on small and large projects.

The safety of our employees, equipment, and project site facilities is also a top priority. Safety awareness is proactively implemented to avoid accidents and injuries. This plan conforms to OSHA regulations and demonstrates our commitment to providing and maintaining a safe work environment for our employees and all personnel at our job sites.

KCS specializes in turnkey general construction services. Contact us to find out how KCS Construction Services can make a difference with your next construction project.