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Houston Construction Project Management

According to the dictionary, a project manager is someone with authority to manage a project and “utilizes acquired knowledge and skills applied using a formal set of tools and techniques to initiate, plan, execute, monitor, control and close projects.” Do you really just want ANYONE managing a major construction project for you? Are you interested in a project manager with no experience? Of course not.

KCS Inc. is an experienced Houston General Construction Services provider with qualified project managers to aid you in your project planning. Responsibilities could include budget management, work-plan development, project planning and much more.

Let KCS Inc.’s project managers help you to accomplish your construction objectives within your specified time frames. A good project manager will present a clear project description focusing on phased development. This will give you the ability to properly measure expected results. They will provide a systematic approach to resolving any construction issues that might arise. The project manager is the liaison between all subcontractors and should promote a team environment ensuring timely completion of all construction services.