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Houston Metal Building Construction

Metal Barn Construction

KCS Construction Services is a Houston metal buildings construction company offering incredibly versatile and highly customizable solutions for warehouses, office buildings, commercial buildings, multi-purpose facilities and other types of commercial buildings. Because metal buildings can be pre-engineered or standardized, construction time, overall building costs and installation time can all be dramatically reduced. Our Houston general construction services include a wide range of metal buildings that are designed to spec. with an eye towards future growth. They are not only energy efficient but can also be recycled when they are no longer needed.

We recommend metal buildings as versatile and attractive solutions that can meet a variety of building needs, including:

  • Commercial buildings
  • Retail buildings
  • Churches
  • Warehouses
  • Manufacturing buildings
  • Self-storage buildings
  • Recreational vehicle storage buildings
  • Aircraft hangars
  • And more

When you choose metal over other types of construction materials, you will enjoy a variety of benefits both now and in the future, including:

Strength and Durability

Metal buildings can handle temperature extremes, dramatic weather changes and harsh conditions. Wood and other traditional building materials tend to require significant upkeep and may not withstand harsh or extreme weather conditions. Maintenance requirements for metal buildings are low. You will not need to worry about insect damage, mildew, structural deterioration and similar problems that are commonly linked to wood and drywall. The overall maintenance costs are often significantly lower over the lifetime of the building.

Cost-Effective to Construct

Compared to traditional construction, metal buildings may not necessarily be cheap. However, the initial cost is often the majority of an owner’s expense. Additionally, metal buildings tend to involve less waste. Unused materials can often be recycled or reused while traditional construction tends to result in large volumes of wasted wood and other materials. Because metal buildings are made using pre-fabricated steel pieces, they can be easily assembled using smaller crews. Labor costs can be dramatically lower than traditional building costs using traditional materials.

Cost-Effective to Use

The metal building continues to be cost-effective after construction: A properly insulated metal building can be highly energy efficient with low heating and cooling expenses. Owners will rarely need to make major investments in upkeep or maintenance, but they will continue to enjoy all the benefits of ownership for the lifetime of the building. If additions are desired later, they can be quite affordable since the basic structure of the building does not necessarily need to change.

Easy to Customize

Metal buildings are pre-fabricated structures that can be adjusted according to the desired project plan. However, the possibilities for construction are virtually endless. If an available structure will not meet the project’s specific needs, the structures can be completely customized in order to provide the necessary building design or meet exact specifications. Metal buildings are also far easier to modify or expand than traditional buildings. Walls can be removed, new framework can be erected and new matching wall and roof panels can be added. Stucco, stone, glass, commercial painting or other additions can further enhance the building’s appearance.

Faster construction time

On average, metal buildings can be completed more than 30 percent faster than traditionally constructed buildings. That time savings can translate into lucrative financial savings.

All-weather construction

Traditional construction teams may find themselves on the sidelines for days or even weeks due to inclement weather, but metal buildings can be constructed in any weather, which can speed projects, reduce overall costs and help meet deadlines.

KCS Construction Services has a building solution that will work for you. Contact us today to learn more about how metal buildings can work for you and to schedule an appointment.