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Fire and Water Damage Restoration

Fire and Water Damage RestorationWater or fire damage can strike your commercial building at any time, and even minor incidents can have widespread effects on the appearance and integrity of the structure. Contacting a Houston fire and water damage restoration company immediately is your best shot at minimizing damage and returning your property to normal. In addition to removing moisture, soot, odors and damaged parts from the building, KCS Construction Services is a full-service Houston general construction services company offering turnkey repairs and commercial painting. We take care of the entire construction process, from emergency management to completion.

Water Damage

Your building can experience water damage in a matter of minutes from a burst pipe, toilet overflow or sprinkler malfunction. Houston business owners also know how easily a storm or flash flood can lead to disaster. A water restoration company follows stringent local and insurance company guidelines to remove not only visible water but also hidden areas of moisture that cannot be seen with the naked eye. Special water-sensing equipment is used to detect moisture in areas such as baseboards, carpeting, and drywall so that every last bit of water can be extracted with air movers and dehumidifiers to prevent odors and dangerous mold formation. Floods and water leaks can additionally damage the building’s foundation. This is when it is ideal to work with a water restoration company that also doubles as a concrete contractor or Houston paving contractor so that repairs can be made from the ground up without the need for subcontractors.

Fire Damage

Like water damage, fire damage often extends beyond what is visible. Smoke easily penetrates many hidden areas of the building, moving to upper levels and entering openings around plumbing and electrical wiring. Fire damage restoration professionals have the tools to detect hidden smoke damage and determine the type of smoke residue that is present. Each type of soot, including wet, dry, or fuel oil, leaves behind odors and requires a specific cleaning process. In some cases, the type of soot or extent of damage is such that the best course of action is to replace the materials rather than try to clean them. A full-service restoration and construction company can tackle any type of repair or replacement necessary on all types of commercial structures, including metal buildings in the Houston metro area.

When disaster hits your place of business, your priority is correcting the problem as quickly as possible so you and your employees can get back to work. To achieve that end, you can work with several different companies to take care of various aspects of damage mitigation and repair, or you can save time and money by working with one company that does it all.

Houston general contractor, KCS Construction Services is your one-stop, general construction services provider for all fire and water damage reconstruction services. No one wants to imagine the worst, but when it happens – all you need is for an experienced water and fire damage restoration company to arrive with experienced project managers. We can make the headache go away.

From commercial and industrial roofing services to commercial remodeling and painting divisions, KCS Inc. can devise a plan to get you back to normal as expediently as possible.