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Houston Design Build Services

Design/Build is a project delivery system provided by a Houston general construction service provider that offers both design and turnkey construction services to the client. Consolidating project completion through one contract agreement with the project owner and the design-build team streamlines the relationship between the builder and designer into a collaboration that promotes teamwork. This cohesive team works together to successfully complete a project cost effectively, faster and with minimal changes.

KCS Inc., is a trusted general contractor and construction services provider in Houston, Texas that specializes in design/build projects. With the many different facets involved in construction projects, choosing a Houston construction services provider can be a time consuming task. Keep in mind, KCS Construction Services Inc. has been in business for almost 20 years and believes that it is our job to minimize risk for the client by controlling the delivery schedule and overlapping the design phase and construction phase of the project. Like you, we do not want projects to carry on any longer than necessary and provide a foundation contractor through industrial painting services in Houston to effectively deliver all of the services required for any design/build project.