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Houston Civil and Structural Construction

KCS Inc., is a trusted Houston general construction services provider, offering a full slate of civil construction services as well as structural engineering and construction services including paving, foundations and concrete services.

Our team of civil engineers specializes in structural engineering to design and build commercial facilities. We provide everything that is needed to design structures, build foundations, erect buildings and paint new or existing structures. We are a full service engineering and construction company that offers an integrated and seamless approach, starting with building a foundation and finishing with painting and paving. We serve the commercial business community by providing turnkey buildings that are built to your specifications and budget.

Benefiting from Technology

The construction industry today offers you the benefits of technological advances that make traditional methods obsolete. A Houston metal building is less expensive and less time consuming to construct, resulting in significant savings. With designs that can have the appearance of a brick and mortar structure, our metal buildings are ecologically sound, energy efficient and resistant to fire. The materials used in our Houston metal buildings are strong, durable and recyclable, and our team of engineers, estimators, project managers, and site superintendents are dedicated to building a quality structure that will meet or exceed your expectations.

Metal is now commonly preferred for warehouses, plants and manufacturing facilities as well as retail stores, restaurants, spas, gymnasiums and offices. With insulation and custom build out, our metal buildings provide a practical and attractive work space environment. Our designers work with you to develop a building that is functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Our Houston foundation contractor services incorporate recommendations by our structural engineers for load and concrete densities that are appropriate for your application. Our Houston concrete contractor services are based on using stress calculations to prepare a foundation site and pour a concrete slab in an integrated process that is custom designed for your job. Our schedulers work with you to meet the deadlines that meet your requirements.

Creating a Finished Look

The appearance of your building is as important to us as it is to you and your clients and our Houston paving contractor services make access to your building easy and inviting. Designed to accommodate traffic to your location with appropriate curbing and sidewalks, our paved parking lots create a professional appearance that welcomes clients to your location. We are fully compliant with ADA requirements and we design and build ramps that are safe, effective and easy to use.

Painting to Preserve and Protect

Preserving the lifespan of your building’s interior and exterior surfaces is an essential part of your investment. Commercial painting in Houston is a service that we are pleased to offer and our expert customer service representatives can recommend color combinations and coatings for you. Making the façade of your building aesthetically pleasing is an asset for your business and our expert painters provide the professional quality that you expect. Durable and long lasting commercial coatings that are available today perform to levels that surpass traditional paints.

In Houston, industrial painting requires coatings that are specific to your business, and they can improve safety, visibility and lighting in your facility. We recommend industrial paints that adhere well to surfaces and provide long lasting protection for your facility. Working in new structures or in existing buildings, we provide professional painting services that are superior in every way.

KCS Construction Company is an experienced and seasoned construction service company that can provide all types of construction services from general site work to intricate Houston concrete contractor projects. By offering concrete and paving services, we specialize in prepping any construction site utilizing our civil construction expertise and developing foundation plans for plants, refineries and even shopping centers.

KCS Inc. has recently completed a 200,000 sq ft concrete, loading dock with multiple loading zones, including loading ramps and an integrated loading dock system. KCS Inc. originally started out as a full service concrete and paving company in Houston and has evolved into a full service, turnkey general construction company.

Taking Action

Investing in a new commercial building or updating a current facility is a major undertaking that can boost your new or existing business when you choose a reliable contractor. We have worked hard to establish a reputation for superior work, customer service, fairness and honesty. We are available 24 hours of every day to keep you fully apprised of the status of your project. We assure you of the completion of your project on time, on budget and we welcome the opportunity to help you achieve your business goals. Call us today at 281-304-5885 for a bid to complete your project from foundation to finish.

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