Metal Riding Arena

A Metal Riding Arena structure built by KCS Construction Services is the modern building solution for your riding arena requirements. Many are choosing Metal construction for either indoor or covered riding arenas for their strength, efficiency, security, and value. With a complete column-free interior and high ceilings, it provides an extremely versatile area for shows, practice, and competitions. We custom build your riding arena with the comfort of both the horse and the owners in mind. Planning on adding a second story living quarters? We can do that and more.

Metal Riding Arena design possibilities are endless

Our design-build Metal Riding Arenas provide a secure and comfortable riding environment, offering riders and spectators the comfort of a sheltered venue. Our buildings can be designed with customization in mind, allowing for special engineering to withstand any lighting, cooling, and heating needs. A major benefit of a metal building for your riding arena is the vast amount of clear space to work within. The interior design possibilities are endless when it comes to the amenities that increase their functionality, such as multiple stall options, tac rooms, storage, instructional & viewing areas, and office space. KCS Construction Services is known for custom design-build Metal Riding Arenas, only using the highest quality of metal building materials to create a sophisticated, visually appealing structure that brings your vision to life. We will custom design-build your Metal riding arena to meet a variety of unique equestrian needs. Handlers and horses alike will benefit from the advantages of our metal building structures.

Metal Riding Arena structures are very low maintenance

At KCS Construction Services our Metal Riding Arenas are constructed of high- quality metal to ensure that only minimal maintenance is required to conserve your structure for decades. With Metal structures, harmful organisms cannot live on metal surfaces, therefore the structures cannot be affected by termites. Our structures are customized to facilitate your needs in any environment.

Are you ready to ride your horses no matter what the Texas weather is like? Contact us today to speak to one of our Metal building experts at KCS Construction Services to design- build your Metal Riding arena.

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