Metal Barn-dominium

The word “Barn-dominium” itself is composed of a play of two different words, respectively “Barn” and “Condominium”. The Metal Barn-dominium is a trend also referred to a “Barndo” that has been taking the home building world by storm since 2016, gaining popularity across the country, especially in Texas. If you are looking for the flexibility and versatility of completely unrestricted interior space, there is no other option than a Metal Barn-dominium built by KCS Construction Services. You will find that our seasoned professional contractors will be just as passionate as you when it comes to your vision.

What is a Metal Barn-dominium?

A Metal Barn-dominium is a stylish combination of a barn-style structure and a condominium that together creates a home and a large functional area. It acts as a dual-purpose building, providing shop, work, or storage areas large enough for boats and recreational vehicles and customized living space. They can be a tiny guest house with a garage or small shop or a large building fit for nobles and everything in between. Not only does this type of home give you a wide variety of options, but it also provides everything you are used to in a traditional home. They are very affordable, energy- efficient, and low maintenance structures.

Benefits of choosing a Metal Barn-dominium over a traditional-style home

A Metal Barn-dominium comes with benefits that will make you worry less about the building’s maintenance. As the metal is sturdier than wood, it provides better protection in case of severe storms and is capable of withstanding earthquakes. A Metal Barn-dominium is a structure that is not combustible. Metal has an amazing strength to weight ratio, even though tough and sturdy. Metal is light therefore you can expect reduced material costs when compared to traditional homes. The structure of a Metal Barn-dominium will never be damaged by pests, so your frame will always be in perfect condition. When it comes to wooden structures, mold and moisture are two of the things you never want to be faced with. A Metal Barn-dominium structure does not have these issues, making it easier to maintain and giving the Metal structure a longer lifespan. Another great benefit of a Metal Barn-dominium is how you can increase the available space when you need it.

kcs construction barndominium 01

kcs construction barndominium 01

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