Veterinary Hospital Construction

Picking an established contracting company is an essential part of the construction process, especially for a business in Houston trying to procure services for their commercial property. Animal hospitals, veterinary clinics, and pet boarding facilities are specific kinds of commercial spaces that need certain features incorporated in the structure to curtail to their operations. KCS Construction Services is a contracting firm that specializes in building animal centers and equipping them with everything they need to be a quality place for Houston residents to bring their pets. Our company provides clients in Houston for whom we build pet facilities with the innovative designs and works with them from start to finish to ensure the finished product is everything they wanted.

Types of Animal Care Centers We Build in Houston

  • Animal shelters
  • Kennels and boarding facilities
  • Emergency animal hospitals
  • Veterinary clinics
  • Elite pet resort hotels

Characteristics of Houston Pet Center Construction

Because animal care is a specialized sort of service, the establishment where operations are held must be retrofitted to accommodate the business. Many of the pet facilities we construct in Houston are engineered to have enhanced noise control to keep it as calm of an environment as possible, and odor management strategies for the structure because of the germs involved with hosting many animals. Places in Houston such as animal hospitals or veterinary clinics have rooms constructed so that equipment can be easily incorporated, and waiting rooms are made to accommodate both patrons and their pets.

Renovation Contractors for Houston Animal Centers

If you need an updated design for your pet clinic in Houston, KCS Construction Services can do expansions, re-roofing, repaving, repainting, and more. We work quickly and efficiently on all jobs in Houston to minimize disruptions and provide clients with an exceptional customer service experience and great results on their animal care center. All contracting work we do at Houston pet facilities is to ensure the greatest comfort for animals and the most inviting environment for their owners.

Offering Animal Care Center Construction to Houston

KCS Construction Services is an established Houston construction company with a proven reputation in the animal care industry. We have built many veterinarian clinics, animal hospitals, and pet boarding facilities around the Houston area and can use that experience to equip you with a brand-new center. Whether you would like us to design and build a pet facility from scratch or renovate an existing one, we can be of help in Houston.

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