Many people in Houston use storage facilities to put their junk without any thought to who put the storage units there. But the convenience of these facilities in Houston is only possible after a detailed construction process, one which KCS Construction Services specialize in. Our contractors have worked on many storage facilities in the Houston area, both building them from the ground up and doing renovations at outdated properties. Whether you want to open a storage unit place and need the bones of the business built, or already have an establishment but wish to expand or upgrade, our Houston contracting company can be of assistance.

Consultations in Houston for Storage Facility Construction

Some companies are quick to break ground and start building once you hire them, but there is a lot of legwork that must be done before the commencement of construction to produce a quality finished result. KCS offers turnkey services in Houston so all there is cohesion in all the parts of a project and there is one main authority making sure they are completed promptly and properly. All store facility jobs begin with a consultation with the Houston business owner where they explain their vision, goals, and budget, all of which are taken into consideration by our engineers. During this time specifics will be decided on, like if it should incorporate drive up units, what frame material should be used, and so on.

Houston Contractors for Building Storage Unit Facilities

When we move onto the construction step in Houston, we continue our values in making sure clients are given full service and everything is done right. We make sure to handle securing all loans, ordering all materials, and that plans are up to civil codes. Our storage unit construction team consists of skilled, contractors, pavers, painters, and roofers that work in cohesion to ensure project milestones are hit and the storage facility is constructed according to plan. The storage unit facilities we build are durable and can handle the Houston heat and incorporate drainage systems to prevent flooding. Once we turn over the site back to the Houston property owners, its ready to be rented out and generate profit!

Have KCS Help Build Your Storage Business in Houston

If you need a storage facility built or remodeled, let an experienced construction company in Houston handle everything from the management and material ordering to the actual building. KCS Construction Services is located in Houston and has done contracting work for many storage facilities in the area. We allow our client to focus on the logistics of their business while we provide them with a quality establishment for them to operate at.

Give Us a Call Today at Houston’s KCS Construction Services

If you are interested in our Houston storage construction services, give us a call today. You can schedule a consultation where we can provide you with details and answer any questions you may have in Houston.

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