Retaining Walls

Some of the best traits of Houston come from our soil, but for industrial and commercial companies this soil can pose a problem. Retaining walls can be used as to increase the aesthetic appeal of landscapes as well as support the soil when constructed properly. To guarantee your commercial or industrial retaining wall complements your commercial property in Houston, turn to a seasoned contractor with years of experience in retaining wall development, turn to KCS Construction Services.

Quality Retaining Walls in Houston

The cost of a retaining wall differs depending on its proposed height and length, potentially escalating to quite a large investment. Houston property owners know that we have great soil, unfortunately, that same soil can also be difficult to contain throughout the year. To avoid repairs or damages stemming from a faltering retaining wall, it’s best to trust a contractor that knows the soil as much as their craft. KCS Construction Services is an experienced provider of retaining wall construction services that has fashioned lasting structures for commercial property owners throughout the Houston area and can do the same for you. The reliability of concrete is an obvious asset in the construction of Houston-area commercial and industrial sites. With the appropriate equipment, experienced concrete contractors can start and finish construction projects in a timely and pristine manner. Do not let the value go to waste with mishaps or missed deadlines, hire Houston’s trusted concrete contractor, KCS Construction Services, to ensure that your concrete project is handled properly.

Houston’s Top Weather Resistant Concrete Retaining Wall Builder

Building a concrete retaining wall on one’s Houston property is a reliable method of preventing soil and road damage. However, the construction of a retaining wall as well as the concrete’s composition must both be handled appropriately. For example, the wall must start at a sufficient depth and the concrete mixture used must be especially course in order to withstand the wet seasons that Houston experiences. These are things that the technicians at KCS Construction Services know all too well and will certainly address when working on your Houston property.

A Dependable Retaining Wall Builder in Houston

Retaining walls are one of the most often repaired landscaping features. After all, constantly upholding soil can be a tough job. But here at KCS Construction Services, Houston’s premiere retaining wall builder, we create world-class retaining walls that stand the test of time and require minimal upkeep.

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