Paving is an essential part of any successful Houston business. Paving can also be an intimidating task for industrial and commercial purposes due to the safety regulations that every Houston company must meet. With our years of experience, KCS Construction Services has met and exceeded client expectations by always following the necessary regulations as well as taking the extra step to creatively meet our client's needs in the most aesthetically pleasing way possible. So, you rest assured your company is concretely safe and appealing with every step.

Concrete Paving for local business owners in Houston

Concrete paving is a feature found just about everywhere in Houston and around the world. Concrete paving has the potential to be  a subtle defining factor for a customer and their experience with a company. It starts with the customers walk to the business door and continues with every visit they make to the company. With KCS’ years of experience, we’re one of the only concrete contractors to ensure that your Houston company can put their best foot forward.

Paving with Experience in Houston

To make things simple, KCS Construction Services provides all-inclusive paving services which includes certified personnel trained to design modern concrete lays while verifying the latest safety laws and regulations, so your Houston company and customers can enjoy nothing but the finest final product. These services include concrete paving for patios, staircases, handicap ramps, main entrance ways, and much more. Our pavers can provide a natural stone look, contemporary flooring for modern Houston companies, and basic safety walkways that always meet city regulations.

The Only Concrete Contractor for Houston

Concrete contractors do more than just pour. What made us one of Houston’s favorite concrete contractors is the fact that we provide everything from demolition to repairs, planning, public safety law and regulation assessments, design, and execution. Every company needs to meet national accessibility laws in order to be a law-abiding corporation. But to meet these regulations in a way that appeals to your customers, matches your company culture and is aesthetically pleasing can be a challenge to an average contractor. KCS has contractors that have been specifically trained and are highly experienced in achieving all these needs. KCS provides these services to both large industrial companies as well as small local Houston commercial companies. Despite the size of your project, KCS Construction Services is here to help upgrade your concrete in any way we can.

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