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The most understated uses of concrete in the Houston area is the curb. It’s incredible that a great street curb will go unnoticed, but a bad one will cause havoc daily, especially during Houston’s wet seasons. After years of experience serving Houston’s local industrial and commercial clients, the concrete contractors at KCS Constructions Services has mastered and excelled at building the right curbs that makes our city go.

Houston’s Experienced Concrete Contractors

Concrete construction is a very permanent process and can be damaging if it’s completed without the proper experience and know-how. KCS Construction Services has worked hard to gain the years of experience needed to make concrete contracting a quick and painless task, providing peace of mind and making it the last of your construction worries. Every commercial and industrial property needs to have a curb that is up to regulations set by the governing body of the area the curb is being built. The concrete curbing also needs to be up to par with your specific needs. Whether that be a rolling or mountable curb, a mower curb, or the classic straight barrier curb, each type serves a different purpose and can make work life simpler when applied to the right situation. Commercial and industrial companies alike all around our great city have turned to KCS Construction Services to make their work life discretely yet insurmountably easier with our concrete curbing services.

Concrete Gutters from Houston Contractors

Something that can go unnoticed in the Houston area, is a well-built concrete gutter. During Houston’s wet season in June, it is paramount that concrete gutters are built properly to avoid flooding of the roads, yard, and potential safety hazards faced by pedestrians. Our experience can assure you that your commercial or industrial property will stay safe and fully functional all while adding, not distracting, from the overall presentation of the company with our concrete gutter construction services.

High-Quality Concrete Curb Repair of Houston

There is an epidemic of bad concrete curbs in our Houston neighborhoods due to the original contractors not carrying out the necessary procedures to ensure a long-lasting concrete curb. That’s why KCS Constructions Services offers unrivaled concrete curb repair services to fix the mistakes permanently, discreetly, and as attractively as possible. This concrete curb repair is offered to both commercial and industrial companies alike.

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