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Nanotechnology and the Construction Industry

Nanotechnology in Houston has the potential to change the construction industry in the very near future. Applications that are in the works are especially promising in the concrete industry. Opting for a Houston foundation contractor that keeps up with the latest technology allows property owners to reap the benefits of the latest nanotechnology.Wh...
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The History and Future of Concrete

Anyone who needs the services of a Houston concrete contractor will likely understand just how important and widespread concrete is to our society and throughout the world. Others may simply overlook concrete until somebody points out just how prevalent it is. The elementary school down the street was likely built with concrete. The hospital just p...
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LEED: The Green Building Construction Rating System

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, or LEED certification was initiated by the U.S. Green Building Council, or USGBC. There are multiple LEED rating systems for commercial properties. The most common rating levels are Silver, Gold and Platinum, and these ratings are periodically updated to ensure quality.Obtaining LEED certification is v...
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What Is Tilt-Wall Construction?

The tilt-wall, tilt-slab or tilt-up construction industry in America is growing rapidly, encompassing in excess of 650 million square feet in more than 10,000 new buildings every year. The combination of low capital investment, reasonable cost, fast construction, durability and low maintenance offered by tilt-wall construction contributes to its po...
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Foundations For Commercial Metal Buildings

The construction of steel and metal buildings in Houston is very similar to that of other types of structures, and solid foundations are essential to the integrity and ability of the buildings to withstand inclement weather and other conditions. An experienced foundation contractor will have several choices available, but all of them use concrete a...
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