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Concrete Paving vs. Asphalt

Streets have been paved with concrete since Court Avenue in Bellefontaine, Ohio, was famously covered with that substance in 1891. Conversely, asphalt paving predates that method as its first use in the United States occurred in front of City Hall...
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The History and Future of Concrete

Anyone who needs the services of a Houston concrete contractor will likely understand just how important and widespread concrete is to our society and throughout the world.  Others may simply overlook concrete until somebody points out just how prevalent it...
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Whether you are planning to put in a new driveway, pave a parking lot, or need a foundation for a new building, the first and most important step in planning the project is to find a good concrete contractor. Dependability...
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KCS Construction, Houston general construction services provider,  specializes in all types of concrete construction and concrete repair. This Houston based, concrete contractor,  provides complete line of general civil and structural construction services including concrete paving, the removal and demolition of...
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KCS Construction Services is a general contractor focused on commercial and industrial construction in the Houston area.


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