Commercial Modular Construction Projects in 2017

Modular building strategies can reduce costs and increase quality for many commercial construction projects. Your local Houston concrete contractor can provide you with expert advice on integrating modular design into your current or upcoming project. Understanding the benefits of modular construction methods can help you make the most cost-effective and practical decisions when planning your building project.

Benefits of Modular Design

Opting for a modular approach to your project can reduce the time needed to complete the building process. Your Houston foundation contractor can outline the various steps needed to prepare your site for modular construction methods. The component parts of your building will then be fabricated elsewhere and brought to your worksite when they are ready for assembly. This can significantly reduce labor costs, disruption to traffic and noise issues in your area. Modular components are designed and manufactured to the highest standards of quality, allowing you to enjoy greater confidence throughout the process.

Suitable for Large and Small Projects Alike

Modular processes have been used for decades to construct residential and industrial buildings. Today, these advanced methods are also being used to create large-scale and high-profile projects across the United States:

  • A building currently under construction by the Rinaldi Group will soon be the largest modular hotel in New York City. The components of the citizenM project were fabricated in Poland by Polcom Modular and shipped to New York for assembly on-site. When complete, the hotel will be 20 stories high and will offer 300 rooms and suites for guests to the New York City area. It is expected to open for business sometime later in 2017.
  • Oklahoma City will soon welcome its own modular hotel building, the first of its kind in the state of Oklahoma. Hotel development company NewcrestImage is responsible for the project, which will provide 142 rooms for guests when it is completed. The first floor will be constructed using traditional methods, but the top four floors will consist of 81 modules manufactured in Boise, Idaho, and shipped to the site for final assembly.

These new and exciting projects demonstrate the increasing popularity of modular designs and the impact these construction methods have had on the modern building industry.

Consulting with a qualified Houston paving contractor can help your company determine if modular designs are the right option for your building project. By implementing manufactured and modular concrete components into your construction plans, you can save money while ensuring the highest possible quality for your commercial buildings and installations.

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