Three Houston Construction Industry Trends to Watch for in 2017

As the spring building season gets underway for 2017, many market analysts are making their predictions for the year in the Houston construction industry. A few key trends are expected to have a significant impact on the direction and the profitability of this industry in upcoming months. Houston metal buildings are expected to see even higher demand in the new year as companies begin to expand their operations in our area. Here are some important commercial construction factors to watch in 2017.

Metal Buildings in Demand

Especially in Houston and the surrounding areas, the demand for steel and metal buildings is expected to rise. These practical solutions for storage, manufacturing and office space can deliver cost-effective results in both the commercial and the residential marketplaces. Metal and steel pre-fab buildings have come a long way from the Quonset hut and warehouse models of the past. Today, they can provide elegant surroundings for almost any type of business and can even be a cost-effective solution for home buyers in our area. The continued popularity of metal and steel pre-fab construction will also increase demand for modular building strategies and off-site fabrication throughout the Houston area.

Multi-Faceted Commercial Centers

The line between shopping and entertainment continues to blur in the commercial sector. Many new projects combine fine and casual dining, entertainment and shopping opportunities into one balanced venue. By creating a holistic experience for consumers, these commercial complexes are hoping to attract a wider range of demographics to drive traffic and profits toward their tenants. Dine-in movie theaters and entertainment dining experiences are among the fastest growing business models in Houston and across the U.S. Working with an established Houston concrete contractor can provide added insights into the best approach to these modern multi-use facilities and complexes.

Collaboration on the Rise

Rather than adhering to the old design-bid model, many companies are creating lasting relationships with builders in their area to ensure consistency and reliability for their ongoing construction projects. By collaborating with a single company for all their building projects rather than taking bids on each individually, Houston businesses can enjoy greater consistency and stability from these design-build collaborative relationships. This can add up to faster completion and increased confidence during all phases of the project. By employing the same Houston foundation contractor for multiple buildings, for example, companies can derive a better idea of the processes and strategies they can expect during the completion of this critical stage of the building process.

The increasing popularity of modular structures and an expanding local economy are also expected to have a significant impact on the Houston construction industry. Many builders are no longer content to take a wait-and-see approach and are ready to get their feet wet in the Houston metal buildings and general construction marketplace.

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